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The BaapWP Show

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The only desi talk show where every week Saurabh Shukla speaks to a member of the Indian WordPress community about their life and work among other things. A new episode releases every Wednesday.

The BaapWP Show Extras

While recording the show, we end up talking a lot and some clips that don’t make it to the episode are released as extras between Mondays and Wednesdays.

Shows in Planning

WP in Society

10 episodes
X 1 season,
5 months
A series of panel discussion with Aditya Kane, Alexander Gounder & guests about complex or tricky social & cultural issues of community organising; issues like diversity & inclusiveness,
growth, tackling confrontations, etc
August 2017

WP People Tree Project

10 episodes per season
X 2 seasons,
2 1/2 months/ season
A series of live conversations with community organisers, for the community organisers in India. An idea, first proposed on Facebook. November 2017

Baap Code Show

8 episodes per season
X 4 seasons,
2 months/ season
Recorded conversations with Expert WordPress Developers about writing better code. November 2017