Train and Hire Send applicants that fail your interview for training and then, hire them when they're ready

Don’t lose out on hiring opportunities

You posted your requirements on major websites and shared it on social media. Applications start flowing in. However, after filtering through hundreds of applications, you usually narrow it down to a handful of developers that you end up interviewing. Of these, you end up hiring just one or two.

A lot of them definitely have the talent and the potential. With a little help, they could have cleared the interview. Till now, there was nothing you could do about it.

Hiring them in the hope that they’d learn and get trained is risky and expensive, and also stressful for you and your company.

That’s as inefficient as it can get and you lose out on a lot of potential hires. Ready to change that?

Introducing Train & Hire

With BaapWP’s Train & Hire program, you can tap into all those lost opportunities. This is how it works:

  1. Some applicants look good on paper but don’t make it to the interview stage.
  2. In the interview, some applicants definitely show potential and talent but lack the necessary WordPress related knowledge or skills.
  3. Send all such failed applications to BaapWP
  4. We’ll conduct our own filtering to select the candidates that we feel are trainable
  5. Depending on our mutual arrangement, BaapWP will then train the candidate either for a fee or for free.
  6. Once the training is complete and the candidate is ready, we send them back to you for interview.
  7. If the candidate passes the interview, depending on our arrangement, you pay us a fee for each such hire.
  8. Instead of one or two, now you can hire more people with BaapWP’s help.

Less risk

All such applicants that go through BaapWP’s Train & Hire program will come back with definite evidence of production ready WordPress skills and knowledge. You won’t need probation and you won’t have to worry about changing your team dynamics for risky hires. It’s just not worth it.

No extra cost

You anyways spend on a referral/ hiring fee to recruitment agencies and other third parties. Spend that with BaapWP and get better returns on your investment.

More Savings

Your newly trained hires will be production ready and you can get them started on projects in a matter of days. No probation, training or onboarding period needed. They’ll be well versed with modern development and communication tools, and strategies.

Less Stress, Less Work for you

By offloading all such potential hires to BaapWP, you don’t have to waste your or your team’s time on trying to get them to production. Just forward them to BaapWP, sit back and relax!

They’ll be back soon, ready to take on your projects and boost your team’s strengths.

We can do more

BaapWP’s training programs can help you in other ways too. For more details, checkout the other services we have to offer.

Get started

Just drop a mail to [email protected] to find out exactly how BaapWP’s Train & Hire program can help your organisation’s recruitment needs.