Hire and Train Get your new hires ready for production

Training new hires is not easy

You know this better than us. It’s a task to create and maintain a training program that works efficiently. It takes time to get your newly hired developers to pick up things and get started on live projects. It takes up time of your other team members, time that could have been spent on a profitable project instead.

It’s also risky and that’s why you have probation periods and trials. It’s not easy to find modern WordPress developers who’ll start production quickly.

Hire for attitude

In a very useful post, I don’t hire for culture and neither should you, Chris Lema talks about hiring for the right attitude and not for a culture fit.

Testing for and finding the right set of skills right away is also not easy. Why not hire for the right attitude and the right attributes and get some really good team members? Why not focus on attitude and leave the skills training to someone who’ll give you guaranteed results?

Introducing Hire and Train

You hire for attitude and hand over your new hires to BaapWP for training. With our experience and skills, we train these employees for modern web and WordPress development skills.

Effective Learning

We use the latest research in cognitive psychology and pedagogy to design learner centric training that is effective and measurable. In addition, we give individual attention to a developer’s strengths, to improve upon and weaknesses, to weed them out.

Cutting Edge Skills

Our focus on training helps us maintain and evolve our training program continuously. What your developers learn is the best and the latest in the world of WordPress and web development.

Quick Onboarding

We can factor your organisation’s best practices and tools in our training so that when they’re done, your developers can get into production from day one! 🙂

Tools & Automation

We’ll get your developers introduced to modern tools and automation strategies. We can use the tools that you use internally or just train them to use the standard and stable tools available. Your developers won’t just learn how to code, they’ll also learn how to manage, deploy and maintain the code. On top of that, they’ll learn how to do it faster and with efficiency.

Get started

Just drop a mail to [email protected] to find out exactly how BaapWP’s Train & Hire program can help your organisation’s recruitment needs.