Services BaapWP can help your organisation with useful training & recruitment solutions

Hire and Train

Hire for attitude and attributes. Let BaapWP take care of the skills and knowledge. Offset your training costs and outsource your training process. Find out more.

Train and Hire

Losing out on a lot of potential hires because they just fall short in some way? Making risky hiring decisions anyway? Why gamble? Send such potential hires to us and interview and hire them after they finish training. Find out more.

Focused Training/ Workshops

Is your team struggling with something specific? REST API? Javascript for WP? BaapWP can conduct topical courses or workshops, tailor made for you. The sessions can be conducted on premise or remotely. [Coming Soon]

Recruitment Services

Struggling with your recruitment. Creating effective job posts, posting them to the right boards, creating strategies for visibility, processing and filtering applications and finding you the right match, we can take care of all that for you! [Coming Soon]