A roadmap to becoming a modern WordPress Engineer What you need to know to start working in an environment that follows current best practices and tools

The main question This post series is an attempt to answer the following question: Consider a beginner with zero experience working with WordPress (or any complex application in any programming language). What do they need to learn to be able to start engineering solutions using WordPress? I’ve been working on this problem myself and for […]

The 4 fundamental qualities of the best public speakers AKA The 2 minute guide to becoming a better public speaker

The best speakers don’t become a different person on stage To do that practically, you need to consciously be aware of all the things you do when you speak naturally and normally with your friends and family: Notice your voice. Notice your body language. Notice your language. When on stage, do exactly that. The best speakers are […]

The BaapWP Show is here Where we talk to WordPressers about work, life and everything else

What is the BaapWP show? A take on the classic talk show format; Saurabh (yours truly) gets into conversation with a WordPress professional from this side of the world (South Asia) about various topics relevant to WordPressers. I really haven’t worked out the exact details and so obviously, I’ll modify things as the show progresses […]

Update: Second Workshop on Public Speaking & Presentation Skills And some information about the first one!

A couple of days ago, I announced a Free Remote Workshop on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills. That workshop got full quickly and is scheduled for Sunday, the 7th of May. The following are the participants (in the order of their applications): Maria Daniel Deepak Naweed Chougle Varun Dubey Ratnesh Sonar Suyogya Shukla Meher Bala […]

A few testimonials for the Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Workshop See what the past participants have to say about it

In the last week,I reached out to a couple of participants of my past workshops and asked them to share their experience of it. You could be an experienced speaker or a first timer, you’ll find multiple aspects of public speaking strung together in a neat logical package that you can instantly apply and improve […]

Free Remote Workshop on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Engage with your audience to deliver an effective and memorable session

Update The first batch is full. Thank you folks. I’ll post again when I do the next batch. A little background Did you know that before I discovered WordPress and turned to WordPress development, I used to be a communication skills trainer? In that time, I have helped thousands of people with their communication skills […]

Fixing our mental model of Git Branches; it’s a straight line folks!

Recall From the last part, we learnt that: git tracks your code with a pointer called HEAD When you commit, you create a snapshot of your code with a unique commit ID which is a long alphanumeric string. When you checkout a particular commit, you move the HEAD (git’s pointer) to that commit. You can move […]

Digging Deep into Git with 1 file in a single repository and 11 commits

Recently, I was conducting a session on git and branching and I was trying to explain the mental model. I didn’t do a very good job of it. I found an excellent post by Neil Atkinson called Git branches – Is your mental model wrong?. I tried to use the post, but it didn’t help […]

Adding Elegance & Security to Deployment

In the last part, we got a deployment strategy working by mapping our workflow to git branches and setting up a script for automatic deployment. At the end of it I mentioned that our script was not elegant since it would run with any push. It wouldn’t matter if code was pushed to the branch […]

Creating a simple deployment script with PHP

In earlier parts of this tutorial, we discussed the concepts and mental models associated with a deployment process using git. We also set up our servers and remote repositories. In this part, we create a PHP script that will be invoked when the remote git repository requests the Webhook URL. For this example, we’re going […]