BaapWP Make WordPress for Digital Makers


Create experiences for makers that gives them a taste


WordPress is a great gateway experience for FOSS.

  1. Makers can get started quickly with and can satisfy a wide variety of maker needs, from independent publishing, micro commercial activities to enterprise businesses.
  2. The WordPress community will help makers get the most out of their activities & projects.
  3. This experience will make makers more receptive to other FOSS projects.


Maker Workshops

  1. A Makers’ Introduction to Open Source
  2. Make your own website and/or blog in a day
  3. Start your own online store in a day
  4. Start self-publishing in a day


  1. FOSS = Freedom, Independence & Control over your own life.
    (also included in Introduction to Open Source module)
  2. WordPress for Privacy and Freedom of Speech.


(Coming Soon)