Introducing a WordCamp Ahmedabad Special Making your WordCamp experience a little more exciting

Recently, I announced something: So, what is all that about? Basically, Ashish & I are going to WordCamp Ahmedabad with recording equipment and plans to document your WordCamp experience on video. I’m actually quite excited about the stuff that we’ve lined up for you. However, before we get into that, most of this activity, including […]

Sponsor the BaapWP Show Support the sustainability and growth of the only desi WordPress talk show

The BaapWP Show is a series of simple conversations with individuals from┬áthe WordPress community, within 20 minutes: The topics and people are selected based on their relevance to the Indian WordPress community. The conversation is mostly in English but natural and hence will be peppered with Hinglish and other Indian languages. The language and attitude […]

The BaapWP Show is here Where we talk to WordPressers about work, life and everything else

What is the BaapWP show? A take on the classic talk show format; Saurabh (yours truly) gets into conversation with a WordPress professional from this side of the world (South Asia) about various topics relevant to WordPressers. I really haven’t worked out the exact details and so obviously, I’ll modify things as the show progresses […]