Deliberate constraints for effectiveness of the roadmap Setting some boundaries, that's all

Why place limits? How many chapatis can you eat in one meal? I can have four. If you give me ten, I might somehow get myself to stuff them. What if you gave me fifty? Learning is pretty much like that. There’s no limit to the number of things that you could learn. However, I […]

The constraints to the roadmap to WordPress Engineering for Freelancers Defining additional constraints for the problem space

In the last post, I listed the kind of constraints for this roadmap. I discussed the circumstantial constraints present in an agency. In this post, we’ll continue that discussion into the constraints faced by freelancers Constraints on freelancers All said and done for full time professionals (like experienced employees in an agency), the time spent […]

The constraints for the roadmap to WordPress Engineering in an Agency environment Defining the constraints of the problem space

The types of constraints for this Roadmap Circumstantial There are two kinds of constraints I’d like to discuss in this series. The first kind is circumstantial and external to the learning process and often out of your control. They act like barriers to learning. The circumstances for this roadmap will be different for different kinds […]

The goal of this roadmap How is WordPress Engineering different from everything else?

Who is an Engineer? I mentioned at the beginning of this series that what I mean & understand by WordPress Engineer is different from what I understand by WordPress Developer. To-may-toh, to-mah-to? Not really. In my eyes, there’s a clear distinction and it’s not based on one’s ability to code. So, I’m really not interested […]

Who is a beginner for this roadmap? Understanding & getting to the beginning state

In my experience and understanding, it’s not the amount of PHP or Javascript you know or how many complex algorithms have you implemented. I have worked with developers that have years of experience with WordPress. They have built dozens of themes and plugins in their career. They know exactly how the template-hierarchy works and what […]

42: Or, the key skill needed for everything An introduction to Problem Solving

The main skill required to achieve proficiency and even mastery is problem solving. In India, when you hire WordPress developers, you often hire people with some development background and then you train them (or provide a self-learning roadmap like this one) to become a WordPress developer.So, to make a hiring decision, some peopleĀ ask a logical […]

A roadmap to becoming a modern WordPress Engineer What you need to know to start working in an environment that follows current best practices and tools

The main question This post series is an attempt to answer the following question: Consider a beginner with zero experience working with WordPress (or any complex application in any programming language). What do they need to learn to be able to start engineering solutions using WordPress? I’ve been working on this problem myself and for […]