Welcoming Ashish Ingle, our Video Wrangler He will help us in raising the quality of our video content

Ashish is a fun guy to hang with and does really fun impressions of Sachin Tendulkar and Sunny Deol. You may have met him at a WordCamp. He’s going to help us produce great quality shows and video content with his technical production and editing skills. As part of our engagement, Ashish and I are […]

Buy Cool BaapWP Swag and support this website Right now there are T-shirts but there'll be more stuff launching soon

Over the weekend, we built a little swag store over at paintcollar. We released two T-shirts with graphics that I’ve personally designed for BaapWP. There’s no brand name or anything except the minimal graphic. I wanted to make sure that these tees can be worn without feeling like you’re promoting BaapWP as a brand. So, […]

BaapWP has moved to a new home on MilesWeb’s servers MilesWeb is our hosting sponsor

The backstory A couple of days ago, I approached a couple of hosting providers who have supported the WordPress community’s growth in the past for a little favour. I’m teaching a WordPress module in a Digital Marketing course being conducted by Indian Institute of Digital Education in Mumbai. I asked around to see if someone […]