Questions I ask when I feel I can do something better than how WordPress does it?

Does WordPress have a built-in way to do this? Does this inbuilt way do what I want completely or partially? If partially, how much code would I have to write to complete the functionality? If WordPress doesn’t have a way to do this, is there something (library, plugin, addon) that’s under active development by a competent, […]

What are we doing at WordCamp Ahmedabad and why? Includes an introduction to the people and our schedule

We’ve already announced our plans for WordCamp Ahmedabad in a separate post. This one contains an introduction to all the folks who are going to be present at the WordCamp, so that it is easy for you to spot us and say hi! 😁 Who? BaapWP Saurabh Shukla Saurabh is a full-stack developer, community organiser, […]

Join us for a little fun on the Contributors’ day at WordCamp Ahmedabad Help us record a "What is a WordCamp?" explainer video

I’m sure everyone is pretty kicked for WordCamp Ahmedabad. We’ve already announced our activities at the WordCamp in association with Bluehost India. However, much of the prizes and activities are focused on the second day with some live videos and interactions at Bluehost India’s stall on the first day. A day for WordPress I spoke […]

This awesome goodie bag by Bluehost India and BaapWP is great for any WordPresser Visit us at WordCamp Ahmedabad to win it for yourself

The Prize A Targus Revolution Terra Backpack. It is strong, durable and ergonomic, made with high quality materials. It accommodates and protects upto 15.6″ laptops, has a lot of pockets and compartments for all your digital life like cards, documents and devices. It comes with a detachable rain cover to make your commute or journey weatherproof […]

Introducing a WordCamp Ahmedabad Special Making your WordCamp experience a little more exciting

Recently, I announced something: So, what is all that about? Basically, Ashish & I are going to WordCamp Ahmedabad with recording equipment and plans to document your WordCamp experience on video. I’m actually quite excited about the stuff that we’ve lined up for you. However, before we get into that, most of this activity, including […]

Welcoming Ashish Ingle, our Video Wrangler He will help us in raising the quality of our video content

Ashish is a fun guy to hang with and does really fun impressions of Sachin Tendulkar and Sunny Deol. You may have met him at a WordCamp. He’s going to help us produce great quality shows and video content with his technical production and editing skills. As part of our engagement, Ashish and I are […]

Buy Cool BaapWP Swag and support this website Right now there are T-shirts but there'll be more stuff launching soon

Over the weekend, we built a little swag store over at paintcollar. We released two T-shirts with graphics that I’ve personally designed for BaapWP. There’s no brand name or anything except the minimal graphic. I wanted to make sure that these tees can be worn without feeling like you’re promoting BaapWP as a brand. So, […]

BaapWP has moved to a new home on MilesWeb’s servers MilesWeb is our hosting sponsor

The backstory A couple of days ago, I approached a couple of hosting providers who have supported the WordPress community’s growth in the past for a little favour. I’m teaching a WordPress module in a Digital Marketing course being conducted by Indian Institute of Digital Education in Mumbai. I asked around to see if someone […]

Deliberate constraints for effectiveness of the roadmap Setting some boundaries, that's all

Why place limits? How many chapatis can you eat in one meal? I can have four. If you give me ten, I might somehow get myself to stuff them. What if you gave me fifty? Learning is pretty much like that. There’s no limit to the number of things that you could learn. However, I […]

The constraints to the roadmap to WordPress Engineering for Freelancers Defining additional constraints for the problem space

In the last post, I listed the kind of constraints for this roadmap. I discussed the circumstantial constraints present in an agency. In this post, we’ll continue that discussion into the constraints faced by freelancers Constraints on freelancers All said and done for full time professionals (like experienced employees in an agency), the time spent […]