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About What is the BaapWP Project?

The Name

Baap Baap Hota HaiBaap in Hindi literally means father. That’s where the nickname Bapu for Mahatma Gandhi comes from; he’s the father of the nation.

However, culturally baap has evolved into an adjective that means awesome or great, as in “She’s such a baap WordPress developer!”. That’s kind of similar to the western phrase “Who’s your daddy?”. 

So, the name stands for the chief goal of the project: helping WordPress developers become awesome in every sense.

Aims of the Project

Assist and enable professional growth for WordPress developers in India. by creating navigation guides to the WordPress ecosystem.

  1. Types of Guide
    1. Permanent Resource (Courses)
    2. Time-bound Opportunity (Events)
  2. Navigation Domains
    1.  Industry-expected skill acquisition.
    2. Compliance with industry standards and best practices.
    3. Contribution & collaboration oriented development.
    4. Technical project management, maintenance & DevOps.
    5. Community engagement.
  3. Multimedia Content
    1. Videos (Shows, Webinars, etc)
    2. Text (Tutorials, Essays, etc)


As of now, BaapWP is built with love and maintained by Saurabh Shukla.