Wanted: Content Writers with WordPress knowledge To create learning-focused content like tutorials, guides, documentation, etc for WordPress & related products

Job Description

We need 3-4 writers asap that know WordPress well and can write about WordPress products.

You will sign necessary contracts and work directly for our client who’s a reputed name in the global WordPress industry. You will work with BaapWP (project managers & editors), not for BaapWP.

You will write detailed, high quality, long-form articles that educate and engage with the client’s target audience about their products. You should be ready to write

  • 5000 word guides,
  • 1500 word case studies and tutorials,
  • 800-1000 word documentation, blog posts, etc,

Of course, the editorial team and project management team will help you in planning, structuring and improving the quality of the content.

You will work remotely from your home, office, cafeteria, or wherever else.

Your typical day

  1. Log into slack to communicate with the client, editors, project managers, other writers and customer support team members on the project.
  2. Log into a system
    1. View a lists of topic ideas with
      1. format (blog post, tutorial, howtos, documentation, guides, etc),
      2. word count (1000, 1500, 5000, etc),
      3. price (₹2-30/word),
      4. and priority.
    2. Claim a topic and begin writing on it.
    3. Discuss stuff and brainstorm ideas with others on the slack channel if needed.
    4. Submit finished copy to editorial team.
    5. Receive detailed constructive feedback & corrections from editorial team.
    6. Submit revised copy.
  3. If you don’t find anything interesting or if you’d like to do some extra paid work, log into a support forum
    1. See if you can pick a topic or an idea to propose a piece of content for.
    2. Speak to the support team on slack and see if they can help you with finding a topic.
  4. During the course of your work, the editorial team will suggest training for you.
    1. Check out the training calendar and see if there’s a training session planned for you.
    2. Attend your training sessions.


  1. Decent communication skills and written English. We don’t care if your English is not that good, we do care that it improves while you work with us.
  2. Ability to write well structured long form content that explains things in simple, incremental steps.
  3. Decent understanding and experience with WordPress, since everything you write will be either about WordPress or related stuff. We don’t want technical knowledge just conceptual.
  4. Indian citizenship.
  5. Decent internet connection.
  6. Part-time/ Full-time availability.

How to apply

Send an email using these instructions. If you can’t follow these instructions, your application will have no value for us. 🙁

  1. Subject: Mention your full name and the words “Content Writer Application” in the subject.
  2. Body:
    1. Explain why you would be a right fit.
    2. Link to just one and only one copy that you have written in the past about WordPress. More than one links will be automatically rejected.
    3. If you haven’t written something yet, please write an article and link to it. 🙂 We don’t need experience, we need ability.
  3. Send to: [email protected].

We want to start asap, so the sooner you send in the application, the better. For all you know, we can get started today!

Working with BaapWP

  1. Payment rates of upto ₹30/word depending on the complexity and size of content.
    1. If you are really good and you write a detailed 5000 word guide of exceptional quality, you can get paid ₹1,50,000 for it.
  2. A lot of growth.
    1. Detailed constructive feedback & tips from editors.
    2. Free, regular training programs, workshops to improve your writing, communication and WordPress skills.
    3. We have more clients in the queue so, we can give you guaranteed long-term steady income.
  3. We’re not interested in building a large team or network. We want a small group of writers that we can pass on large amounts of work consistently.
  4. We’ll also have fun and things like that.

Working in a collective

  1. Maintain your independence, don’t work for others, work with others.
  2. The collective can also help you with your work with other clients.
  3. We’ll even connect you to other clients directly where BaapWP is not involved, at all.
  4. Collaborate with other members of the collective directly without involving BaapWP.

About BaapWP

BaapWP ultimately intends to create high quality tools & resources for all round growth of Indian WordPress professionals at an affordable cost.

We also provide consulting, production services and content for outreach & engagement activities around WordPress both online and offline at WordCamps, Meetups & other events.

We build guides, courses, tutorials and other educational content for our clients in modern, creative and useful ways that engages with their target audience in a friendly manner by providing tangible value.

We’re building processes and teams in the form of independent professionals working as a collective. We’ve already tackled our video production abilities. We’re now looking for writers to add written content production to our kitty.

What do you think?