What are we doing at WordCamp Ahmedabad and why? Includes an introduction to the people and our schedule

We’ve already announced our plans for WordCamp Ahmedabad in a separate post. This one contains an introduction to all the folks who are going to be present at the WordCamp, so that it is easy for you to spot us and say hi! 😁



Saurabh Shukla

Saurabh is a full-stack developer, community organiser, poet, blogger and educator, deeply interested in open source, WordPress and breaking the stigma around mental illness.

Ashish Ingle

Ashish loves creating animations and live action films. He was introduced to WordPress when he joined rtCamp as a Visual Designer and Video Editor. He’s contributed to WordPress by editing WordCamp videos in the past.

Bluehost India

Keith Pinto

Keith PintoKeith is the Marketing Manager for Bluehost, India. Manages all tasks from Email marketing to Social media and everything in between. He has got his hands dirty in the support, training and sales functions and is now aiming to be a pro marketer. You can find him practically at every WordCamp and is an avid user of WordPress himself. Loves technology, bikes, travelling and food!

Divya Saraf

Divya SarafDivya is the Brand Manager for Bluehost, India. Analytical and data-driven in her approach, Divya feels that the devil is in the detail. With years of experience in retail eCommerce, Divya comes with expertise in the areas of brand management, product management and business development. Divya is enthusiastic about technology, retail and music.

Pratik Jagdishwala

Pratik is a Product Manager by profession and a Geek at heart. He has over 12 years of Hosting industry experience and has worked in Support, System Administrative, Managerial roles as well.He has been guiding friends and clients and making sure they get the maximum bang for their buck.

Apart from work, he is an avid traveler and loves to learn and read about history of the places he visits. You can reach out to him for any help you require with your project.


Timings Activity Location
Day 1: Wiki How Day
All Day FB Live Broadcasts All around the venue
All Day Participant Engagement Bluehost India stall
5pm Panel Discussion on Career Opportunities with WordPress Conference Area
Day 2: The Geek’s Day
All Day FB Live Broadcasts All around the venue
All Day Participant Engagement Bluehost India stall
All Day #BlueWC #Selfie Contest
1pm to 5pm Mini-interviews and WPQuiz Bluehost India stall
bet. 5pm & 6pm Results of WPQuiz Contest Bluehost India stall
Day 3: A Day of WordPress
All Day FB Live Broadcasts Venue
All Day Facilitating Polyglots Contribution Venue
All Day Explainer Video (What is a WordCamp?) Venue


We strongly believe, based on massive anecdotal evidence, that community engagement and involvement are key ingredients for growth.

We also believe that growth is achieved holistically and involves multiple aspects of work life, not just writing code. One of the areas that is relatively easy to start with is satisfying the needs of love & belonging, and self-esteem. We’d ultimately like to work in the domain of self-actualisation but this is a good enough start.

What better place to do that but at the biggest celebration of a local community – a WordCamp. It just so happens that the needs and vision of Bluehost India and BaapWP aligned well and just in time for WordCamp Ahmedabad.

We’d like to facilitate this growth wherever possible. This is why both Bluehost India and BaapWP are planning to contribute extensively to JaiWP, a platform and a movement aimed at doing just that.

The challenge that we’ve faced is that such activities have not been attempted in the Indian WordPress ecosystem before so we have to take baby steps and constantly review if our attempts are doing what they intended to do without being intrusive or spammy. We hope that everyone involved benefits from this.😀

What do you think?