Join us for a little fun on the Contributors’ day at WordCamp Ahmedabad Help us record a "What is a WordCamp?" explainer video

I’m sure everyone is pretty kicked for WordCamp Ahmedabad. We’ve already announced our activities at the WordCamp in association with Bluehost India.

However, much of the prizes and activities are focused on the second day with some live videos and interactions at Bluehost India’s stall on the first day.

A day for WordPress

I spoke to the WordCamp Ahmedabad organisers recently in my capacity as a host of the JaiWP Show. While I had to edit out a lot of things for the sake of brevity, the organisers seemed exceptionally upbeat and interested in the Contributors’ day.

As an avid polyglot, I’ll be personally facilitating contributions to WordPress translations. At the same time, Ashish is going to regularly broadcast live updates from the day’s happenings on our FB page.

Explainer Video

Finally, we plan to record a short explainer video that answers the question What is a WordCamp? (If you’re asking “why?”, I’d say “why not?”). The idea is to shoot a video that is about a minute in length. It’ll be a collage of various contributors explaining what a WordCamp is in an easy to understand and interesting way. We’d like to cover all the fundamentals and only give an overview, while guiding viewers to appropriate resources that have more details.


The script is open source, as is the concept (not documented separately) and we’re also going to make the raw video available to anyone else who’d like to use them to create a similar video with their own flavour. We hope that the existence of such primers in multimedia formats will assist in popularising the community and attract more members.

In the coming future (especially at future WordCamps), we’ll try to create more such short explainer/ introductory/ primer videos about the WordPress ecosystem and the community. We’d love to talk to you if you’re interested in doing that, as well.

Due to the nature of such videos, we feel it’s a little awkward and unfair to have them sponsored or branded which is why we’re doing this independently.

How can you help?

We have the concept and the script ready and we look forward to your participation. All you have to do is stand in front of the camera and say a word, phrase or a line. We have the necessary experience and equipment to get this done professionally.

It’s going to be extremely easy and a lot of fun. Trust me! We even have our prompts ready in a neat binder:

Prompt Binder

Since it is a really short video, we may not be able to accommodate more than 18-20 people. If you’re interested in participating or want to be featured on this video, talk to us on Contributors’ day or rather A day of WordPress, as the organisers call it.


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  1. looking forward to meet BaapWP team at WordCamp Ahmedabad

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