Introducing a WordCamp Ahmedabad Special Making your WordCamp experience a little more exciting

Recently, I announced something:

So, what is all that about?

Basically, Ashish & I are going to WordCamp Ahmedabad with recording equipment and plans to document your WordCamp experience on video. I’m actually quite excited about the stuff that we’ve lined up for you. However, before we get into that, most of this activity, including all our expenses are being funded by Bluehost India under a new partnership that I recently announced on my personal blog:

The Partnership I’m pleased to announce that Bluehost India and BaapWP have agreed to partner for a couple of new activities and content aimed at the Indian WordPress ecosystem. Some of these will be conducted on Bluehost India owned platforms and some on BaapWP’s. We have a four month plan where we take baby steps …

Live Videos

Facebook Live We’re going to broadcast short live videos on our Facebook page, throughout WordCamp Ahmedabad. These will include tours of the venue, ongoing activities and short interactions with participants, sponsors, speakers, organisers and volunteers. We hope to do this on all three days.

So, even folks who couldn’t make it on any of those days for some reason can still experience it a little (or maybe, feel bad about missing out 😉)!

Studio Interviews


We’re going to set up a studio at Bluehost India’s sponsor stall where we conduct short interviews with the stars of the show. No, not the speakers, sponsors or volunteers; we’re going to shoot you, the participant.

(Obviously, the photo above is just a representation. Our setup won’t be this fancy, but it’ll still be professional with the right equipment for the sound and lights.)

These interviews will be published on our YouTube channel.

WP Quiz

Gift Boxes

During the interview, you also get to participate in a quick 3 question quiz and win super exciting prizes. I can assure you that when we announce the prize, you will really want it, especially if you’re a frequent WordCamper. 😉 😉

Of course, there’s other swag that Bluehost will be giving out, as well. All the more reason to come visit Bluehost India at their stall, don’t you think!

“What is a WordCamp?” Explainer Video

WordCamp Nashik

What is it all worth if it doesn’t benefit the community? That’s why we have created a script and a plan to shoot a short explainer video of about a minute featuring… guess? Obviously, YOU!

We hope that this short video will help raise awareness and popularise our awesome community. Since we’re shooting this at WordCamp Ahmedabad and releasing it on our Youtube channel, you might wonder if it would be really useful to other WordCamps and communities.

That’s why we’re going to open source the concept and the script. We’ll also be happy to provide the unbranded video clips to those who’re interested. We’re not open sourcing the raw video to protect the privacy of the people involved and prevent misuse.

This means that you can take it and use it for your own WordCamp. We’d love it if you give us a little credit at the end of your video, but we don’t mind if you don’t.

WCAhmedabad Documentary

With all these activities, we’re going to end up with a lot of footage. We’re going to put them together and create a short documentary covering the whole WordCamp Ahmedabad experience.

About 30 mins in length, this documentary will give you an overview of everything that happened at WordCamp Ahmedabad.

We’re hoping that this will help you relive all the wonderful memories and relationships that you create at this WordCamp for a long time to come.

In addition, we hope that it will generate even more interest in other WordCamps that follow, especially WordCamp Nashik.

Ashish is also an avid photographer, so while we’re doing all this, he’ll be clicking a lot of photos to contribute to the WordCamp’s public albums.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and subscribe to our Facebook page and Youtube channel to stay updated and enjoy all this awesome content that’ll help you relive your WCAhmedabad experience forever.

Be sure to visit our studio at Bluehost India’s stall and meet the awesome folks who’re making all this possible. In fact, go ahead and like their page on Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter. We’re working together on exciting stuff on those platforms, as well. Be the first to know about it!

What do you think?