BaapWP T-shirts

Buy Cool BaapWP Swag and support this website Right now there are T-shirts but there'll be more stuff launching soon

Over the weekend, we built a little swag store over at paintcollar. We released two T-shirts with graphics that I’ve personally designed for BaapWP. There’s no brand name or anything except the minimal graphic. I wanted to make sure that these tees can be worn without feeling like you’re promoting BaapWP as a brand. So, there’s no BaapWP mentioned anywhere on them.

If you’re a WordPress developer, you might like to wear one of these. There are multiple colours and women’s sizes. Moreover, any profits that we make will be used to fund initiatives here at BaapWP.

The fabric is great quality, 190GSM, 100% cotton, bio-washed and shrinkage free. The tees are available in multiple colours and sizes as small as S and as large as XXXL. I hope you like and buy what you see! 🙂

Code Chakra

Priced at ₹998, this is an elaborate design that took me a couple of weeks to finalise. This play on the concept of spiritual chakras uses simple design elements to map seven aspects of a WordPress Developer’s life. Sure to spark off a conversation for the proud WordPress developer that you are:

  1. The chart icon on the laptop represents Mental Models (Knowledge).
  2. The gear icon represents processes and practice of WP Development.
  3. The code icon represents skills in writing code.
  4. The electric plug stands for plugins or extensions which is what we do mostly with WordPress.
  5. The git icon represents collaboration that’s prevalent in open source communities like ours.
  6. The molecule like icon represents structure and organisation in code and otherwise.
  7. The final top chakra is of course, WordPress.

Buy it here

The BaapWP Developer

Priced at ₹799, this one is just the logo of this website. It represents a baap Developer with WordPress at the core (and in the heart) and code on the laptop.

Buy it here

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