Sponsor the BaapWP Show Support the sustainability and growth of the only desi WordPress talk show

The BaapWP Show is a series of simple conversations with individuals from the WordPress community, within 20 minutes:

  • The topics and people are selected based on their relevance to the Indian WordPress community.
  • The conversation is mostly in English but natural and hence will be peppered with Hinglish and other Indian languages.
  • The language and attitude of the show will have a more local and desi flavour with local cultural references than would probably make 100% sense to a global audience.

It is fairly new (2 episodes in at the time of writing this) and I’m going to experiment a little as the show evolves, so things will change as the show progresses, including different segments, more formats, languages, etc.

With enough monetary support, I would also be able to take the show to meetups, WordCamp hallways and other places, out there, in the middle of the action.

Title Sponsor [Non-Exclusive]

₹30,000 or $450 /season

  • Total Spots: 1 /season
  • Co-branding: {Your Brand/Logo} presents The BaapWP Show in the video
  • Logo on the BaapWP Show Archive header area here.
  • Logo on other pages, posts and any other content type about the BaapWP show on the website & social media promotions.
  • Explicit verbal credit at the beginning of the show.
  • First right to giveaway sponsorship for episodes.

Title Sponsor [Exclusive]

₹1,00,000 or $1,750 /season

  • Total Spots: 1 /season
  • All benefits of Non-Exclusive Title Sponsor.
  • Plus, exclusivity. No other sponsors will be associated with the show that season other than giveaways.
  • No Youtube ads.

Supporting Sponsor

₹15,000 or $275 /season

Contest/ Giveaway Sponsor

₹1,000 or $20 /episode + giveaways/prizes

  • Explicit verbal or written credit when announcing giveaways/ contests (on the show and on blog posts)
  • Explicit verbal or written credit when announcing winners (on the show and on blog posts)
  • Title sponsors get the first right to run a contest or a giveaway for any episode.

What do I need sponsorship for?

Right now, whatever you see is a one man operation. I contact the guests personally, setup hangouts, edit the recordings, create the graphics, write a release post and release it.

As of now, I’m not making anything out of it. My focus is to highlight and engage with people who impact the Indian WordPress community. By engaging with them on a set topic, I intend to make it a little informative for the audience.

More importantly though, by seeing them not as photos or blog posts but real people in real conversations, I feel I’d be able to connect more threads in the community and tell subtle stories about people who often work in the background to improve the ecosystem.

With your support, I’d be able to promote the show better and also spend time on more creative ideas for the show. Right now, the promotion is mostly by word of mouth and through organic generic posts on social media.

Second, with better support, I can get in more helping hands, especially for video editing, graphics and marketing.

Finally, if there’s enough sponsorship, I’d be able to get better equipment to improve the quality of episodes.

If you see the value in such an endeavour, do get it touch with me via the following form. As far as promoting your brand and driving user engagement is concerned, I will help you do it in an unintrusive, ethical and organic way in return.

(if any)

What do you think?