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What is the BaapWP show?

The BaapWP Show Logo
A take on the classic talk show format; Saurabh (yours truly) gets into conversation with a WordPress professional from this side of the world (South Asia) about various topics relevant to WordPressers.

I really haven’t worked out the exact details and so obviously, I’ll modify things as the show progresses but there are a couple of fundamentals I’m absolutely clear about:

  1. It’ll be a weekly show.
  2. The show will have seasons and we’ll take breaks between seasons.
  3. The first season is expected to have 13 episodes.
  4. I’ll be asking a couple of friends to co-host from time to time. (Interested? Drop me a mail at
  5. As of now, there’ll be at least one segment of about 20 mins, in an interview format.
  6. The show will be pre-recorded and released regularly on this website and on our YouTube channel.
  7. I’ll be taking in viewer questions on Twitter, Facebook, email and the comments section of this website.

Be a guest/ Recommend a guest

Do you think you or someone you know should be a guest on this show? How about contacting us via Twitter, Facebook or email.

Suggestions or Contributions are invited

Using the same channels of communication, reach out to us if you have any suggestions, ideas, recommendations. If you’d like to contribute or join in, in some way, feel free to reach out. We’re always open to ideas.

Partnerships/ Sponsorships

You could sponsor the show or a couple of episodes or partner in any other form. Just get in touch with us on

What do you think?

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